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Fingal Twilight Markets, Your Market

A market for locals by locals

Fingal Twilight Markets were created by a local family who wanted to help small businesses during the tough times of COVID. Small businesses were hit hard and struggled with the closure of markets during lockdown. We started this event to bring people together for fun, music, food and shopping whilst supporting the local small businesses in the area. 
Maddy Crockett, a born and bred local created Fingal Twilight Markets with the support of her partner and family. The local family now run the event, providing locals and tourists with the small business experience at a large scale event. 
With the success of Fingal Twilight Markets we are now launching another event for the community at Birubi! The new event Friday's at Birubi will begin in January.
Get in touch to learn more about Fingal Twilight Markets, and explore the site for more information.

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